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Service Organizations

We work with many local clubs and organizations that share our vision. They donate funds, set up initiatives, and support our students and families each year. Learn more about our service organizations today.

optimist brain bowl

optimist international logo

Wheat Ridge Optimists

A local club that provides thousands of dollars in scholarship funds for promising young students.

wheat ridge rotary

Rotary logo

Wheat Ridge Rotary

Wheat Ridge’s rotary chapter solves community issues and supports significant change.

action center

the action center logo

The Action Center

Volunteer organization that distributes food, aid, and urgent action for communities in need.

salvation army bell ringers

Kiwanis logo

Kiwanis of Wheat Ridge

Historic club that serves our communities through many fundraising and outreach projects.

children in train cars parade

wheat ridge local works

Local Works

Offering programs and events to help businesses and the community connect, volunteer, and create.

Other Partner Organizations

Our city partners support Wheat Ridge schools at every level, from our communities to within our government. We appreciate and value the immense support provided by the following bodies:

Do You Want to Involve Your Organization?

At Wheat Ridge Coalition, any local organization or entity can participate in our efforts. If you have a passion for education and bettering the lives of our citizens, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us and learn more about how you can get involved. We can foster better education and provide opportunities for children and families.

We Would Love to Hear From You